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Re-imagining our village

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

After a highly successful Festival, the village has spoken

This is a list of resident's views on the subject of sustainability, gathered at the festival held on 25/26th June. You may notice the childrens' contributions in amongst them!

Sustainability Festival public survey June 2022

Protecting our environment - what do you value? What would you change if you could?

Is there anything that you are worried about? What should we prioritise in our village?


Transport: car shares, bike route through village

We need a better and more reliable bus service. Where are the feeder buses that were promised

Worried about heating my house without gas, it's too small for the large tank needed for heat pump. Heat pumps serving several houses would be an idea, but the community has to come together

I value wild open spaces! Accessible to everyone

As others say, more buses in the villages and more affordable tickets

Farmers - let hedges grow! Stop mowing verges. Nature reserves are not enough

Make houses by melting down old bricks

More accessible household recycling facilities to prevent fly tipping

No houses to be built without full insulation, solar panels etc

Robots that can clean the air

Wildflowers: rec and other areas only cut once a year. Village free-cycle on fb village page

More solar panels on houses

Tool swap or give-away

Tool swap

Water fountain

Swavesey 2030 - what does it look like? Tell us your vision for a sustainable future.

Toy libraries

A library of stuff, sharing things that are rarely used with other residents (eg strimmers, rotavator, shredder)

A 15-minute village, everything accessible by walking/cycling

No more taking flights

Share/swap part used tins of paint/varnish etc

More flowers, less lawn

More parks, a water fountain, a hotel, shops, a soft play, ice cream shop, a wood and a pond

Let's get together to make some of this happen.

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